RISD Museum: The Gorham Manufacturing Company

This project was an exhibition design guideline proposal for the RISD Museum and their upcoming show on The Gorham Manufacturing Company. The center piece of the project was to develop a typographic lockup and system that could be used across multiple mediums as one cohesive identity for the show. My lockup features two contemporary typefaces, Ogg (Sharp Type) and Metric (Klim Type Foundry). My system includes typographic specifications and color palette guidelines, as well as proposals for their use cases for potential book cover and layout designs, poster designs, animations for social media platforms, and general promotional material.

This project was completed with the guidance and critique of John Caserta, and visiting guest critic Derek Schusterbauer.

Exhibition Design / Branding

The primary wordmark for this exhibition is composed of two typefaces: Ogg (Sharp Type) and Metric (Klim Type Foundry). The two were paired after much trial and error of attempting to pair Ogg with a texface. I knew from the start of this project that Ogg would be a very suitable typeface for this branding, but had difficulty finding its counterpart. I eventually found Metric to be a very suitable companion typeface, and built the wordmark from my selection.

The wordmark was constructed with flexibility in mind, as I’d like it do be able to be used in a variety of use cases. Depending on the situation, the wordmark can scale down to be used at a smaller or larger level.

mockup created by Julian Kelly

The book proposal that is set to accompany the exhibition is set in the two aforementioned typefaces, but also includes an illustration that is meant to embody the element of silver, and shows it’s malleability into the many fine products that Gorham has managed to produce over the years.

The body text of the book is set in Metric, with thin margins and a quirky layout to mirror Gorham’s history of metal manufacturing.

final pin-up and critique - 12/11/2017